steering and suspension killeen tx

Make Sure Your Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Prevent steering and suspension accidents in Harker Heights & Killeen, TX

Have you heard humming, squeaking or grinding noises when you turn your steering wheel? You might have a faulty steering column. Steering and suspension problems can lead to serious accidents if not corrected quickly.

Hill’s Automotive Repair & Sales offers steering column diagnostics and repair services for all vehicle types. We can replace faulty parts to keep your vehicle operating safely.

Bring your vehicle to our Harker Heights, TX auto repair shop for car suspension and steering repair work.

3 signs you need car suspension repair work

Driving a car with a faulty suspension can feel a lot more like riding a horse. For example, you might have a suspension problem if your car is:

  1. Pulling: Does your car pull you to the left or right when you let go of the wheel?
  2. Lurching: Does your front end seem to lurch downward when you come to a stop?
  3. Bouncing: Does every bump in the road give you a jolt?

If you think your car suspension system might be wearing out, come to Hill’s Automotive Repair & Sales in Harker Heights, TX. We’ll examine your steering and suspension and make any necessary repairs to keep your car safe.