Sluggish Power Windows?

Sluggish Power Windows?

We diagnose car electrical problems in Harker Heights, TX

If you own a modern car, electrical problems can be one of your biggest concerns. With so many components drawing on your car’s alternator, it can be difficult to pinpoint a problem. Come to Hill’s Automotive Repair & Sales for complete auto electrical diagnostics in Harker Heights, TX.

Auto electrical diagnostics

If your car won’t start on the first try or your interior lights start to flicker, you might be facing an electrical problem. A glitch in your car’s electrical system could cause your vehicle to lose power to your:

  • Headlights or taillights: Lights dim while driving.
  • Windshield wipers: Wipers fail to work.
  • Power windows: Windows fail to move up and down or become stuck.

Hill’s Automotive Repair & Sales in Harker Heights, TX can diagnose car electrical problems that stump other mechanics. Call today to schedule an auto electrical diagnostics appointment.